We offer many facials that are always specifically tailored to your skin, using the best professional products available. Below shows a small selection.
Cathiodermie – Rene Guinot £47.50
Cathioderme is a complete facial treatment using galvanised and high frequency currents. It deep cleanses the skin, rehydrates the deeper layers and speeds up cellular regeneration. The treatment is suitable for all skin types for people over 15 years of age.

Beaute Neuve Guinot Peel £44.50
This fruit and enzyme peel is suitable for all skin types and age groups. Three sessions are advisable to reduce the signs of ageing and improve skins that are acne-prone or congested.
guinot peel

PureLogical Anti-Ageing Facial £47.50
A 100% collagen face mask that can reduce fine lines and wrinkles by nourishing skin. Expect a lifting and firming effect as the mask works on rejuvenating cellular activity.

Aroma Facial £49.50
Our luxury facial, specially developed for any skin type, age or person. A deeply relaxing and powerful healing facial which incorporates the use of highly effective essential oils on the face and back.
aroma facial

collagen veil
Collagen Veil £47.50
Ideal for mature, sun damaged and dehydrated skin. The veil has a dual effect combatting fine lines with collagen and rehydrating the skin with caviar extract.

Deep Cleansing Facial £36.50
1 hour recommended once every 1-2 weeks.
This is an excellent introductory facial. It includes a double cleanse, peel and a relaxing massage followed by a mask.Men’s Deep Cleansing Facial £34.50
Double cleanse, deep peel, removal of clogged pores followed by a mask.Super Cathiodermie £53.00
This is a 3 part treatment for the face, eyes and neck using specific gels, ampules and masks around the delicate eye and neck areas. This treatment tones and rehydrates the skin to prevent wrinkles.Luxury Eye Treatment £35.00
A treatment for the delicate eye area that lifts as well as smooths and deeply moisturises the skin, whilst toning and firming the muscles.

Deluxe Eye Treatment £60.00
All the features of the luxury treatment with the addition of “Enlighten” light treatment, which stimulates collagen and elasticin production in the eye area.

Deluxe Collagen Veil £65.00
This facial uses luxurious ampules and serums for your skin type.

Crystal Clear Micro-Dermabrasion £39.50
Micro-fine crystals are stroked across the surface of the skin to help refine lines and wrinkles, combined with a vacuuming action to stimulate collagen and cell production. It also helps to reduce comedones, acne, scarring and enlarged pores. This treatment will give your skin an instant glowing, youthful appearance.

Crystal Clear Oxygen £65.00
This treatment combines Crystal Clear Micro-Dermabrasion with a specially formulated anti-ageing serum which is forced into the skin using pure oxygen. A recommmended short course of five treatments will crreate a reservoir of serum beneath the skin. This will plump up the skin to reduce lines, wrinkles, and will firm the tissue.

Genie Non Surgical Facelift £37.50

Small electrodes are placed onto the face over the facial muscles allowing current to pass through the muscle causing it to contract. This tones the muscle which then supports the skin causing a lifting effect. The jaw line sharpens, the facial contours are more pronounced and the eyes are gemtly lifted giving a more youthful appearance to the face.

Comcit £75.00
Comcit is: Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy. Comcit employs a revolutionary Cryo Probe to rapidly chill the skin allowing painless Microneedling and deep absorbtion of powerful rejuvinating products. This reduces lines and wrinkles, Promotes collagen growth, gives a significant energy boost, taughtens and rejuvinates the skin giving instant smoothness firmness and a plumper more youthful appearance.