High technology Anti-Ageing

Comcit £75.00

Comcit is: Cryo Oxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy. Comcit employs a revolutionary Cryo Probe to rapidly chill the skin allowing painless Microneedling and deep absorbtion of powerful rejuvinating products. This reduces lines and wrinkles, Promotes collagen growth, gives a significant energy boost, taughtens and rejuvinates the skin giving instant smoothness firmness and a plumper more youthful appearance.

Genie Complete £35.00

Genie Complete is the ultimate slimming and toning system incorporating the most powerful non-surgical face lift machine on the market today; this is thanks to the 10 minute face-lift technology of Mediwave, built into an equally as powerful body contouring system. The unique hub has twenty-four separate computerised outlets and five different “wave” shapes that enable the machine to perform multiple treatments for the face and body.

genie complete

Meso Therapy £45.00

Needle free Meso Therapy. Anti ageing, Hydrating and Revitalising. This non invasive treatment delivers vitamins , minerals and amino acids ino the skin using short electric pulses it penetrates upto 2000 times deeper into the skin. If you find the idea of needles unpalatable then this could be the anti wrinkle treatment for you. Good for sun damage, smokers skin, lines and wrinkles skin tightening and much more.