Other Treatments

Naturawhite Teeth Whitening

This one hour treatment, will give you whiter, brighter teeth
100% safe proceedure does not increase sensitivity. After some preperation, laser whitening gel is applied to teeth trays, sit back and relax for 3, 20 minute sessions under a laser light. The laser light warms the gel and pushes it into the follicles and pores in your teeth, resulting in whiter teeth.

Sienna X Spray Tanning

One of leading brands of spray tan. Get a natural bronzed, streak free tan. Various shades available.

Eye Treatments

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

The perfect way to enhance your brows and lashes, if your fed up of wearing make-up everyday, or just want to go make-up free for your holiday this is ideal for you. Patch test required, 24hrs before treatment.

Eyelash Lift/Eyelash Perming

 Perming straight eyelashes to encourage a gentle curl will give them instant length and create the illusion of bigger, brighter, ultra feminine eyes.

 Results last up to 6 weeks


Electrolysis is still the simplest permanent soloution to unwanted hair. We always use high quality disposable needles.